What is the Best Timber to Use for Decking?

Outdoor decks are an excellent addition and offer a stunning space to relax and entertain. When the right materials are chosen, then can last for decades of time with little need for maintenance and can effortlessly complement the home and surrounding property. When it comes to timber decking, it’s important that you choose a species that can stand the test of time. There isn’t necessarily a ‘best timber’, but rather, a best wood for your home. If you’re wondering what makes certain species more favourable to others, you’ve come to the right place.

1. Blackbutt

Durable and incredibly hardwearing, Blackbutt is an excellent option for exterior use – including decking. Featuring attractive golden tones, varying from honeys to pale browns, it can be stained, polished or oiled for a stunning finish. It’s also one of only seven timbers approved for use in fire prone areas.

2. Spotted Gum

One of Australian’s favourite hardwoods, this is ideally suited to timber decking, thanks to its strength, durability, and even termite resistance! With a stunning colour range, from light coffees to rich chocolates, it can be oiled, stained or left to weather naturally. Like Blackbutt, it can be used in fire prone areas.

3. Merbau

Imported from South East Asia, this timber offers yellow and orange undertones that continue to redden with age. Incredibly durable, a merbau deck can be excited to last well over 40 years. However, care must be taken to ensure it is sustainably sourced – something we pride ourselves on at Everist Timber.

4. Ironbark

Incredibly strong, durable and hardwearing, Ironbark is one of Australia’s favourite species for timber decking – it offers the highest possible durability rating, ensuring it can withstand the harsh elements. With shades ranging from light pinks and deep reds to creams and greys, it can complement any home effortlessly.

5. Jarrah

One of the most iconic hardwoods available, this rare timber offers a unique and opulent finish to any outdoor area. With a lifespan of up to 40 years when used as timber decking, it is both long-lasting and durable – not to mention incredibly attractive, thanks to its deep red hue.

6. Treated Pine

Though not a hardwood, treated pine is an incredibly popular decking option for those on a budget. This timber takes incredibly well to stains and paint, so you can ensure your decking complements your home – however, it’s important to choose a treated pine that is suited to exterior use, as not all pines offer the same durability.

As you can see, whilst there isn’t a ‘best timber’ there are certain species that are definitely more preferable than others. Whether you choose Australian hardwoods or an international option, it’s important that you look for strength and durability first, and then choose from those a timber that offers colours and grain patterns that suit your aesthtic. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, then we recommend speaking with a professional team – such as Everist Timber. With decades worth of experience, you can be confident we have the skill and knowledge needed to provide you with the ideal timber decking for your property.