Why Timber Stairs Are Such a Great Choice?

With more and more people wanting to live in close proximity to our busiest cities, property sizes are getting smaller and smaller as a result. Coupled with a desire to have more interior living space, we are instead building upward, rather than outward – and double and even triple story homes are becoming the norm. With this comes the growing need for attractive and durable steps. If you’re wondering how to craft stunning steps that stand the test of time, then you’ve come to the right place. Timber stairs should be your number one choice, and here’s why!

  • Stunning Finish

There is just something about timber that is hard to replicate – attractive and stylish, timber stairs create a refined and powerful presence that creates a classic look in almost any home, from classic to contemporary, bringing a sense of permanence and stability to the space. Not only is there a huge range of designs to choose from, the versatility offered by the species themselves ensures that every staircase will be completely unique.

  • Incredibly Durability

Known for their strength and durability, hardwoods are the perfect choice for both flooring and stairs! Two of the most popular options for stairs in Australia Blackbutt and Spotted Gum, both of which have a lifespan of well over 40 years for above ground use – so you know they are more than capable of withstanding daily interior use.

  • Low Maintenance

Unlike carpet, which can become quickly stained or worn down in a high traffic area such as a staircase, are an incredibly low maintenance option. For general cleaning, a weekly mop and a vacuum will keep them sparkling at all times. If they are in need of a refresh, rather than remove and recarpet the area (as would be the case with carpet stairs) they can be sanded back and re-stained – which can easily be achieved by a motivated DIYer.

  • An Affordable Alternative

If investing in that are completely made from hardwood is not a feasible option due to budget constraints, then using different materials for other, less prominent, aspects of the steps can be an affordable alternative. We recommend using MDF, treated pine or even plywood for the risers, and hardwood for the more visible tread. This way, you can still achieve the stunning finish that Australian and international hardwood species offer, without the price tag that would come with building an entire staircase.

As you can see, timber stairs can be an attractive and durable addition to any home – not to mention incredibly functional. Thanks to the wide range of hardwoods available, there is sure to be a species that suits your home, whether you’re looking for honeys or deep chocolate browns. Not only that, with lifespans ranging from 25 to well over 40 years, you can be confident your new stairs won’t just get you from A to B, they will stand the test of time as well. If you’re wondering which species are best suited to your applications, we recommend speaking with our experienced team today!