From statement entrance doors to interior bedroom doors, bi-fold or sliding barn doors, the timber you use can have a huge impact on the finished product! That’s why we stock a huge range of hardwoods and other timbers to ensure you can create the look and function that your project requires.


Timber Doors

Entrance doors need to be both attractive and secure – with a solid timber you can protect your home against unwanted intruders and create a breathtaking façade at the same time!

Interior doors should be built to complement the architectural style of the home. Consider a simple slab or horizontally placed panels for a modern appearance, or intricate mullions for a heritage home.

Hardwood Doors

Solid timber doors are ideal for strength, security and insulation. Spotted Gum, one of Australia’s most sort after species, ranges from deep browns and rich reds to blonde tones, whilst Blackbutt offers creamy blondes and honey browns. Ironbark and Merbau are excellent choices if you love deep reds. Needless to say, if you want the natural look of timber, choose a hardwood and definitely avoid paint!

Engineered Timber

Just like flooring, doors can be made in the more affordable engineered timbers. We supply a wide range of options, including medium-density fibrewood, ply-wood and laminated veneer lumber. These are ideal for interior doors where strength and security isn’t the primary function, and can be painted to match the décor and architectural style of the home.


Are there any fire-resistant materials I can use?

If you love the look of timber but you live in a high-risk fire prone area, then fear not! For a front door that is safe to use in these areas, hardwood is an excellent choice. Consider Spotted Gum, Ironbark or Merbau if you live in a BAL 19/29 area – speak with our team if you’re unsure of your needs or you want to learn more about the properties of the timbers.

Will my doors be eco-friendly?

We take great care when sourcing timber for your projects, which allows us to provide the highest quality product, every time. This means we only use timber from renewable plantations that has been logged in accordance with the Australian Forestry Standards. We can assure you that your timber is sustainable and eco-friendly, ideal for those who want to do their bit for the planet as well as create a space that is functional and attractive.

What areas do you service?

Everist Timber supplies our huge range of timbers to a wide area. From metropolitan Melbourne to the Mornington Peninsula, if you’re looking for high-quality products to build interior or exterior timber doors, then you’ve come to the right place! Get in touch with our team to see if we service your suburb.

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